STOP THIS NOW… Because Chelsea Says So

Saturday feels like the right time to divert from my normal subject matter. Today, I’m talking about something I want people to stop doing right now. It’s a simple request:


Stop posting your ‘come hither’ photos to social media.

Not quite sure what a ‘come hither’ photo is? It’s a selfie in which the subject strikes a pose, facial expression, or both where the message to the viewer is “I want to love you.”

But, I’m my own person and I want to express myself when and where I want to. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

Great. If you’re cool with your boss, your new boyfriend’s big sister, or some creep from the deep web seeing that — proceed. Express yourself that way now, and you’ve preserved your personal expression til the ends of the interwebs. Your call. There are already plenty of warnings out there.

Let’s be real —  showcasing oneself in that way typically occurs in a private setting. So when your mug is looking at me with ‘come hither’ eyes, it makes me uncomfortable because we’re not on that level, yo. And I’m really uncomfortable for you because if I knew someone felt uncomfortable looking at an image of me, I would feel awful.

So, the real reason I’m asking that the ‘come hither’ photo be put to bed (see what I did there?) is that those photos make me feel uncomfortable. Which is hard to do because I’m not at all a prude. I’m very open and happy to discuss most any topic so long as no person or peoples are being disparaged. I use foul language. I tell crude jokes. But I also believe there’s a time and a place for each of those things.

There’s a time and a place for that #### too…

But that place is never my newsfeed, especially when it serendipitously pops up next to the photos of someone’s kid or grandma. If you want to make that look to your lover, that’s fine with me. Really. But please stop posting them for me and your 700+ friends to see on social media.

Selfies are one thing. They’re also very odd, but that’s a separate idea (New haircut? I’d love to see it! Snappy outfit — work it! You just standing in the bathroom flexing? Stop — you look like an ass). At least selfies induce the urge to wash my hands.

But the come hither pics are just too weird – knock it off.

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