Right Now on Tremendous Upside: 3 Tips For Handling Conflict at Work

image002I’m over at a Tremendous Upside today giving 3 tips you can use to make your work conflicts less awful and more productive. The full, original post can be found in the link below. Here’s how it starts:

Think of the last time you had an argument with someone at work. Sucked, right? No one likes conflict, which is why so many of us avoid it at all costs. And don’t get me started on the emotional toll—all the discussion in even the coolest of arguments can leave you exhausted. If everyone would just agree with you to begin with, we all could have saved so much time and energy, right?  What a drag.

New research has shown that conflict at work is not all that bad. In fact, this research shows that when conflict is handled appropriately, it leads to the exchange of valuable information. But here’s the surprising and really interesting part of this research:

 Good conflict (when handled appropriately) can have an energizing effect and lead to higher job satisfaction

With that in mind, I’ve got 3 things you should remember and use the next time you start to see a ripple in the water cooler to keep your conflicts productive. Check them out over at Tremendous Upside.

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