Play on playa: The Case to ‘Hire Former Jocks’ Just Got Stronger *New Research*

38624873_b63620ed42_bWhenever someone says “hire former jocks”, there’s a divide — pro-jocks and anti-jocks. I know a lot of anti-jocks. They saw athletes that slept through classes, engaged in serial tomfoolery, and pinned the non-jocks against the lockers. They had all the glory, the girls/guys, and teachers that were willing to fudge the grades to ensure a seat during the state playoffs.  A real bunch of goons. Not the types you’d expect to be running an effective team these days.

I’ve also known a lot of jocks and I played lots of youth sports – the goon squad label isn’t fair.  I’m sorry that about those guys you knew… those jocks happened to be jerks. I’m pro-jocks, anti-jerks.


I think hiring ex-jocks is a good move. Student athletes learn the value of the team, how to compete, and  how to balance competing
demands. (managing practice/games/training and owning the classroom simultaneously is no easy feat. If you don’t buy that (and even if you do), you might be interested in checking out what some brand-spankin-new research has to say about jocks at work.

According to research that was published earlier this week, workers’ believe that former student athletes posses:

  • Greater leadership ability,
  • More self-respect,
  • Greater self-confidence

It seems that the traits and skills learned during their youth have a positive impact well into their professional lives — as evidenced by ex-jock study participants’ successful management careers.

bball-masc-600x320There was also a difference between former student athletes and nonathletes that extended beyond their professional lives: ex-jocks in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s also reported greater participation in helping behaviors like volunteering and charitable activity involvement.

Looks like one more point for hiring jocks — they’ll make employees with more leadership ability, self-respect, self confidence and they’ll be really sweet grandparents one day to boot!

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