Now THAT’S a D*MN Good Resume

Recruiting is not a topic that typically normally fall into categories that I write about, but this was too good not to share. Check out this video resume created by an applicant for an opening over at SnapChat:

For those of you who are not familiar with SnapChat – it’s a social messaging app where you can send/share picture and video messages to friends. Once the message is played it is automatically “deleted” (nothing is ever deleted these days).

Smart applicants tailor their resume to the job and company their applying too. All-star applicants do that plus find a creative way to get noticed — like turning a resume into a SnapChat for a job a SnapChat.

Is he the right person for the job?

Hell if I know.

My guess is that he’s probably a strong fit from a corporate culture perspective.

That video will get the attention of the hiring manager and/or recruiter working to fill that job and at least make them think twice before passing him up. 

Not to mention the nearly half million hits he’s gotten on YouTube in 4 days… my bet is that if SnapChat doesn’t want him, he’s already gotten noticed by many more companies that would love to have him on their team…

Mad respect to you, @ElskiFelson!


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