JOB POSTING: Training Specialist/Whiz

Hey y’all – this job is one at Kinetix that’s working directly for me here in Atlanta. If you dig the stuff I post here and on Fistful of Talent, you know that employee training doesn’t have to suck, and want a challenge, then I’ve got a spot for you. Take a look:

Training Specialist/Whiz (APPLY BY CLICKING HERE)

I’ll make this really simple for you, people. Kinetix has been growing like a wildfire, and it’s time for a total overhaul of our internal training processes. Business is booming and we need someone to keep us all in line. If you’ve got details, we’ve got the time. No, really. Is that you?

In the role of Training Specialist/Whiz, you’ll help develop the new hire curriculum for our Kinetix team members, deliver training, and manage all the activities of a brand spankin’ new onboarding process. While you’re juggling all that, we’re also going to throw ad hoc, client-specific training needs your way, with the expectation that you’ll create a customized approach and seamlessly weave that into the general program like a chemist.

Think you’re the person for the challenge?

5 Things You Can’t Google about This Swanky Position

  • It’ll be the perfect fit if: You have a background in training and development and have to fight the itch to organize the magazines and mints at the checkout counter. Channel that control into something that pays the bills.
  • It will go better if you: Strongly believe that training doesn’t have to be boring.
  • What you won’t find in our supply closet: Purell or any other generic sanitizer. We’re looking for a candidate that does not require extensive hand-holding. Get in; get dirty.
  • Double Jeopardy: You will experience repetition again, and again. Save Alex Trebek a trip and ask yourself if the description fits.
  • Funky Fresh: We’ll be going heavy on the pop culture references. Those with no interest in movies, music, culture, entertainment, or books (you know, stuff that real people talk about) keep walking.

Is this person you? Hit us up by applying today.



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