What Does Georgia Football Have To Do With Employee Development?

I’m a shameless Georgia Bulldog fan. I bleed red and black. I watch all the games, I follow the players on instagram and twitter, I have UGA slippers. I have a picture of the arch framed in my house — you get the picture.The reason I’m gushing about Georgia football on my blog this morning has everything to do with employee development and how we view our weaknesses:

CBS Sunday Morning featured a story on Malcolm Mitchell and his involvement in a surprising extracurricular activity. Do me a solid and watch the video for the full story…

There are a lot of really impressive things about Malcolm Mitchell. But what I’m really impressed with in this story has to do with how he faced a weakness.

If you didn’t watch the video (and you should), Malcolm started college at a junior-high reading level. He devoted himself to reading because he recognized this as a weakness.

His greatest accomplishment (in his eyes) is finishing the Hunger Games series in 2 days. We’re talking about one of our nation’s top college wide receivers and his greatest accomplishment is addressing a weakness. Why isn’t it football related? Because football came naturally to him — he had to work to improve his reading game.

Here’s what we can all learn from this:

We should reframe our thinking around weaknesses. Instead of avoiding our weaknesses, view weaknesses as opportunities. When we apply ourselves and work at them with fervor and consistency, those weaknesses can become the sources of great pride.

Malcolm Mitchell is one damn good dawg. 

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