COACHING 101: Don’t Be A Vampire and Please Shut Up

Check out this clip from the Showtime series “House of Lies”:

If you manager tries that hard to sell you on the value of their coaching — run.

They’re not in it for you.
They’re also probably not as evil as the blood sucking vampire in the clip above. Probably.

Chances are their view of coaching is out of whack.

Too many managers’ view of coaching is aligned with what they think the corporation wants — which means maximizing value to the company or to themselves. Great coaches don’t do that. They coach to develop you for more performance and to help you grow based on your goals and your potential. They’re Career Agents:
They coach to maximize you, not the organization and not themselves. Even it it means you get so good that you leave.
That type of coaching gets the most return for everyone – you, the manager, and the company. Here are some other things great coaches and Career Agents do:
  • They coach daily in an informal approachable style
  • They coach on good and bad performance
  • They encourage the people team members to take initiative
  • They value their direct reports’ trust, they earn that trust, and they are careful not to break it
  • They don’t bail employees out by spoonfeeding answers to the questions they ask during coaching
  • They provide feedback based on observations of individual employees’ performance
  • They listen more than they speak.

But maybe you’re a manager  who feels like your people vastly undervalue your coaching. You’re coaching is pure gold and your employees just don’t know value when they see it #ungratefulbastards. Since you’re a giver at heart, and you hate to see anyone miss a good deal, you feel compelled to sell them on coaching. If that’s the case, stop giving it away to people who don’t want it.

Or maybe there’s a small chance that you’re approach to coaching your employees performance needs a tune up. That doesn’t mean your coaching isn’t gold… it just needs to be polished.

In the mean time, I bring you RUN-DMC with some of the best coaching advice out: You Talk Too Much


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