Be Bolder in 2015

This time last year, you had some hopes, dreams, and aspirations for how you’d use your time in 2014.  Now it’s 2015, and if you’re like me, you have tons to be thankful for because so many things went better than you could have planned. But there were are also things that you wish you’d handled differently. New habits you wish you’d actually been consistent about and developed, projects you would have taken on (or said ‘no’ to). The list goes on and on.

I have some of my resolutions up on FOT this year – check those out. But the more I reflect on what I should do differently in the coming year, the more I come back to this  question:

What would you be doing if you were 5 times bolder?

If I was 5 times bolder:

  • I would spend less time hesitating and second guessing, and more time getting sh*t done.
  • I would spend less energy stressing over things I can’t control, and more energy on the things I can.
  • I would fail harder and more often, but I’d also learn more and probably have bigger wins.
  • There would be fewer recurring items on my to-do lists.
  • I’d write a lot more.
  • My head would hit the pillow even harder each night than it does now.

It’s going to be a big year, of that much I’m already sure. But looking at that list of possibilities…I’m going to do 2015 even bigger by focusing on being bolder than in years past. What about you?

What would happen if you chose to be 5 times bolder in 2015?


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