You want a little more info about the person behind the keyboard?  Here’s the low down:

I’m the Leadership Development Consultant at a shop in Atlanta called Kinetix  — an HR firm specializing in the recruiting/RPO game and human resources consulting.  I’m part of the later specialty.  I’m creating a disruptive leadership development program that turns heads with Kris Dunn.  We combine the science with practical hard-knocks lessons to turn managers from cat herder to kickass people leaders.  Why do I care so much about leaders? Because no one wants to work for someone that sucks the soul from their body and no  very few leaders want to be thought of as vampires.  You can also find my rants over at Fistful of Talent  – a must read for the edgy talent management/HR pro.

My background is in Industrial-Organizational Psychology… which is the study of people at work. I dig the science (*NERD ALERT*) but the science is no good if it stays locked away in academic journals or is kept in language that only the elites can understand.  I’m into the research that adds real value.  Translating the nerd speak into language that the everyday worker can use to improve their work and lives is important and a big part of what I do.  I find ways to apply the killer science in ways that actually work for real people in real organizations. So I’m a practical nerd. 


But I’m also a real person with thoughts that extend beyond what happens in the workplace. So sometimes I talk about real life and I’m leaving myself open to deciding what that means along the way.  I do my best not to give too much air time to my dogs (Pearl Bailey and Marilyn MonRowe) but I won’t make any promises because they’re more hilarious than your dogs. No brag, just fact.

I’m passionate about leadership, but I’m also interested in helping organizations solve talent-related challenges that deliver results across the talent pipeline. From strengthening the applicant pool to administering/interpreting assessments and providing feedback to develop existing talent. I develop interventions that help maximize outcomes where people and business intersect. If you want more on that stuff you can hit my LinkedIn. So what can you expect to find from me on this blog?  Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Tips on how to handle the conversations that managers of people have to should be having with their people
  • Banter on new research that’s actually interesting and matters in plain and simple english
  • Lot’s of pop-culture references
  • Commentary on what people are doing right (and wrong) at work
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY — Real talk… I’m the type that will give it to you straight That’s my bio!

But enough about me. I’d love to hear from you!